Sons of Solomon MC

Q - Are you a Masonic Organization?

A - We are NOT affiliated with any specific Masonic body or organization though we are all Master Masons.

Q - Since you are Masons are you devil worshipers also?

A - Though we sometimes have some devilish ways, we do NOT worship the devil. We all believe in the Grand Architect of the Universe.

Q - Do I have to be a Master Mason to become a Son?

A - Yes, you must be a Prince Hall Master Mason in good standing in your respective jurisdiction.

Q - Are you a 1% Motorcycle Club?

A - We are NOT a gang or a 1% MC. We are law abiding citizens.

Q - How do I become a Son or start a Chapter in my area?

A - Contact us through the contact form for more information.

Q - Are the Sons affiliated with any other Clubs?

A - We are NOT a support club for any other club or affiliated or associated with any other club.

Q - Can women join the Sons?

A - No women can NOT join the Sons; we are a male only Club.

Q - I noticed that you have State and City rockers on your colors; do you claim that as your territory?

A -We are NOT territorial and claim no territory as ours. We are spread out and only show States and cities as a means to identify to other master masons where we hail from.