Sons of Solomon MC

The Sons of Solomon Motorcycle Club is a group of Prince Hall Masons based in the District of Columbia, that have come together to enjoy our love for Masonry and Motorcycling.

Our purpose is to:

Introduce the experience of motorcycling to our Masonic family. Support our Lodges through attendances and participation in Lodge events. Help, Aid and Assist our sick & shut-in brothers as well as contribute to the relief of our widows and orphans.

Support the Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction we may Hail.

The Sons of Solomon is not an outlaw or 1% club. We claim no Territory. We are a Motorcycle Club with strong family values. As Prince Hall Masons we always strive to create a positive image of Masonry throughout our communities and in all walks of life.

If you are a Prince Hall Mason (PHA only) in good standing with your Lodge and have a cruiser style motorcycle with at least 800 cc's and possess a valid motorcycle operator's license, we are interested in hearing from you.

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